Brands We Stock

The brands SKF

SKF  manufactures and supplies bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, lubrication and lubrication systems,maintenance products,  mechatronics  products, power transmission products, condition monitoring systems and related services globally.

The brands GMORS

GMORS has served as the leading rubber component manufacturer in Taiwan. GMORS O'rings have been approved for industries of Automotive, Semi-conductor, Medical, Drinking Water, Food & Drug equipment, Sanitary and various industrial grades.

The brands HALLITE

HALLITE produces high performance hydraulic and pneumatic seals and sealing solutions for the world’s fluid power industry.

The brands HUNGER DFE

HUNGER DFE is a sealing systems and bearing elements company. HUNGER DFE has a wide range of skills in the development, project planning and manufacture of standard hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals and special seals for numerous fields of application.


The brands INGCO

INGCO provides a comprehensive range of high quality, well manufactured, economically priced Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Power Source & Generation Equipment, Garden Equipment, Hand Tools and Measuring Tools 

The brands MERKEL

MERKEL is a longstanding technology expert and market leader for sophisticated and novel applications in sealing technology (hydraulic and pneumatic seals) and electric mobility solutions worldwide

The brands NAK

NAK is a  manufacturer of Oil Seals and Technical Sealing Products. NAK Oil seals are being used in a wide range of industrial sectors including Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Construction and Mining Equipment.
The brands NOK

NOK is Japan’s longest established oil seal manufacturer. NOK manufactures  oil seals and mechanical seals, created through advanced seal technology.

Parker Hannifin is a leading manufacturer of engineered elastomeric shapes (both homogeneous and inserted) for sealing systems, hydraulic and pneumatic seals and isolation applications. 


PROLUBE LUBRICANTS  is an Australian company that formulates and manufactures a diverse range of products, including petrol engine oils, diesel engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and specialist products

The brands SIMRIT

Simrit is the industrial sealing products division of the Freudenberg and NOK Group companies, one of the world’s largest suppliers of elastomeric seals, oil seals and custom molded products, with experience that spans more than 150 years.

The brands WURTH

The WURTH Group’s core business is the global supply of fixing and assembly materials through an international network of companies.Wurth is the market leader in assembly technology and related products 

The brands OZ SEALS
OZ SEALS is an established  trusted manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic seals  for critical industries including the underground mining and automotive industries
PRINZ POLYMERS, a partner of Oz Seals that specializes in the manufacturing of raw materials, raw material billets and poly machines. Prinz Polymers offers a wide range of products made from the highest quality materials. 
The brands DINGZING
DINGZING is a world-leading researcher, trusted manufacturer in hydraulic and pneumatic seals, developer and producer of advanced materials with over thirty-five years of experience in the field. 
The brands Kastas
KASTAS SEALING TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing elements and custom-made sealing solutions for over 35 years in the field. 
The brands DLI SEALS
DLI SEALS LIMITED are specialists in manufacturing sealing systems, hydraulic and pneumatic seals and polymer moldings for international one of the market leaders in producing sealing systems especially for hydraulic equipment. 


FREUDENBERG SEALING TECHNOLOGIES is a longstanding technology expert and market leader for sophisticated and novel applications in sealing technology (hydraulic and pneumatic seals) and electric mobility solutions worldwide.  


CATERPILLAR is the leading manufacturer of metal face seals (duo cone seals) providing the best solutions for tough applications.
 Cat® Seals  protect their components from extreme, abrasive, and corrosive environments. 


CHESTERTON is known across a wide range of industries for their award-winning mechanical sealspump and valve sealing solutions.